Things You Shouldn’t Do When Renting A Car

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If you are someone who travels pretty often then they must be aware of the fact on how the car hire services work, however, if you are someone who doesn’t know much about it or have never availed such a service then we recommend you to go through the below guide that will help you if you avail one. Since car renting is a part of travel experience, below are the things you should keep in mind to NOT do when renting a car.

  1. Failing to check on your way for fuel

If you are being picked from the airport for the car rental service, we suggest you to take notes of the gas stations you see on your way near to the airport (if you have the same drop off location as well). This will help in returning the car with the tank filled with having easy and near access to the pump as well as getting you the best rates too. The petrol pumps in the nearby areas of airport could be a little confusing as well so it’s best if you see them beforehand only.

  1. Purchasing insurance

Before you plan to get travel insurance when getting a car hire in Auckland airport for travelling around, we suggest you to check up on your own travel insurance as well. A lot of travel insurers provide you coverage for rental services as well but if your travel insurance have a minimum coverage amount then you may have to purchase the insurance through the rental companies. We suggest you to dig in the information beforehand from your own travel insurance agent so that you wouldn’t have to pay an unnecessary cost to the company.

  1. Notpurchasing insurance because your credit card will cover it

Anything that your own car insurance does not offer, there are chances that your credit card company would. In various cases, the credit card coverage is too good which makes it a better option than that of the insurance. Of course, what you should keep in mind is that you will be paying for the insurance for the car through your credit card only as the card alone doesn’t provide you with any protection.

  1. Making too much of an inspection upon departure

When you sit in the car to begin your journey, check it from the inside and the outside thoroughly for anything that could be potentially put on you when you return the car later. Look around for scuffs, scratches, loose parts, working windows and power windows etc. Keep an eye out for any problem that could occur with the car so that you do not have to face any additional charge. For more information, please log on to